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I am @unixfreaxjp and this is the front-end of my working space in the GitHub.

I am a security engineer, a cyber threat analyst and RE in IR field of cyber incident management. This simple page is explaining my activity in security field for supporting to community, a start of many links for many works I’ve involved. For coding, I am a practical UNIX related coder, I coded in some languages without flavors and I don’t like to do specific indentation. My code environtment is only the shells, mostly on the VT100-base.

I do programming in: Perl, Shell scripts, C, Python, Assembler or a bit of Ruby, with some web programming like: PHP, Java(+/-JavaScript), and also some VB/PowerShell etc. Currently I’m on LUA, Cython and Go for DFIR/RE purpose.


BF89 F24B E57A 81B1 B93A 99CC B9AD 3D5B EC61 AB91 // fingerprint
B9AD 3D5B EC61 AB91                               // 64-bit

Several on-going and done coding projects I do in GitHub are:

And I write reports on cyber threats / RE / DFIR, with GitHub data as reference, in example:

I am a committer to issue bugfix, enhancements & tests to help radare2 improvement in UNIX systems:

You can contact me via GitHub, or enjoy my technical releated videos in Youtube