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MalwareMustDie shared codes repository

About us

In order to accomplish a better stand in reducing malware activity in the internet, a bunch of security researchers from various nationalities and cultures met and gathered in the internet, they have started a MalwareMustDie initiative, is then also known as “MMD”. It is a non-profit group launched from Aug 28, 2012 started from a small twitter community, with the purpose to raise malware awareness supporting our main purpose.

For they who want to help by supporting or volunteering, this movement is a one of many available options. We gather to contribute our skills from whatever we are good at, to oppose all forms of malware’s activity, by helping verticals and horizontals to support the handling of their malicious infection, damage on incidents and propagation.

As a group of engineers, we have started from what we can, by contributing our malware analysis and our reports; were posted in “Malware Must Die!” Blog to then moved to own domain and then moved again to better secure analysis posting platform in when the team and projects gets a bit bigger; to reveal more of malware threat information from our collective analysis effort, in purpose to be hopefully can be legally processed further by related affected services or authority.

About this code repository

This GitHub repository is one of research repositories we have, is the continuation of our (MalwareMustDie) open-share of codes and tools collection that we are using for our effort to help other blue teamers in the same cause, the repository has been always linked to our web site, as the sharing platform was firstly started in Google Code, and now moved officially in here. We are trying to regularly update them as much as possible to the latest state in this GitHub repository.

The tools and codes shared here are contribution from various good people to help the cause. Again, it is openly shared, under our disclaimer. Please use them for the good purpose. We hope this repository can last long.

Please enjoy this migrated versions. God bless you all!

☩Domine, dimitte nobis debita nostra,
salva nos ab igne inferiori,
perduc in caelum omnes animas,
praesertim eas, quae misericordiae tuae maxime indigent.

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